Cycle Confident

  • Creating Modal Shift in Cycling Behaviour

    Cycle Confident believes cycle skills training, reduced speeds, pedestrianised streets, reduced car parking & increased bicycle paths & racks increases footfall with local retailers as cyclists and walkers shop where they live, leaving the car at home.

  • Does Cycle Skills Training Influence a Modal Shift in London’s Boroughs?

    As London Councils are challenged to further increase higher rates of cycling in their boroughs, their efforts are supported by initiatives from London’s central government. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan and the GLA, in an effort to reduce pressure on roads and public transport has set a target to reduce car journeys by 3 million per […]

  • How many ways can you save time and money by cycling?

    It may be stating the obvious but using a bike as your means of transport really can give your finances a boost. What’s perhaps less obvious, but actually no less accurate, is how much time you can save too. Save money on transport Cycling is by far the most efficient way to get around for […]

  • Challenging ride blog 3: Got lost, get unlost

    You’re in the middle of a long, challenge ride and realise you’re completely lost. What to do next? In this modern age where everything is smart, connected and can run out of battery, here are some tips to use minimal mobile data and technology to find your way back home. Prioritise your objectives The approach […]

  • Challenging ride blog 2: What to take on really long rides

    If you’ve caught the cycling bug then you’re probably looking for your next cycling challenge. Preparation is key on really long rides and here are some tips on what you should take. How long is a piece of string Let’s start by sorting out the elephant in the room. Those pro cyclists who whizzed round […]

  • Challenging ride blog 1: Planning

    So in the spirit of ‘something for every cyclist’, we’re moving from a few weeks of Beginners’ blogs to a few on the longer, more challenging ride. (That’s not to say we suggest going straight from one to the other; just that the part in between is a little more self-explanatory.) Planning your first long, […]

  • Beginner’s blog 4: How to avoid a puncture

    It’s the cyclist’s scourge, the spanner in the works (if that’s not mixing metaphors). The moment when being your own boss, master of your own journey (not to mention time keeping) goes out the window. But take heart! There’s a surprising number of things you can do to prevent yourself falling prey to the dreaded […]

  • Beginner’s blog 3: How to plan a cycling route

    We’re all for cycling more often and more safely. At some point, you’ll need to plan a route and these pointers should help you find your way. Goal, ability and realism Have a clear goal for the route you’re planning. Are you looking for the shortest route, fastest route or quietest route? Do you need […]

  • Beginner’s blog 2: How to get your friends to start cycling

    Cycling is great right? Some people just don’t know it yet. Their inner cyclists are dormant and all they need is someone to show them the way. Offer to help them get started Everyone has to start somewhere. Offer your help to get a non-cyclist get started, maybe pointing them to our last blog since […]

  • Beginner’s Blog 1: Common questions from beginner cyclists

    The next few blogs we’ll be posting relate to new cyclists – So let’s kick off with some key FAQs. If you’ve just taken up cycling (and hats off to you if you have – it is January after all), then you might be facing numerous  considerations. Here are the answers to some of the […]

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