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  • Top 10 hills to avoid/visit in London

    Some avoid hills at all costs, some long for them. There aren’t long mountain passes in London but you will find some seriously steep hills and there’s no question – they’re a tall order to conquer. For the purposes of this blog, the M25 is the boundary; all 10 hills are within this. If you […]

  • Top 5 cycling new year resolutions

    Happy New Year! Let’s make 2017 another cycling year! Read on for our 5 favourite cycling new year resolutions. There should be something for beginner cyclists, occasional cyclists and seasoned cyclists alike. Get someone to start cycling Spread the love! You might know someone who is considering taking up cycling for commuting or recreationally. Help […]

  • A guide to winter commuting by bike

    It’s cold, wet and dark. Why would you ever commute to work by bike in winter? Well there are a few things that you can do (or have) to make that cycle commute less daunting. Here are some ideas. Lights You should have a set of lights charged up; white for the front and red […]

  • Diamond bike frame

    Sorry if the title’s a bit of a clickbait – you won’t find an actual diamond covered bike here – but what you will find is the classic ‘diamond’ shaped bike frame plus some wonderful variations on the bike frame theme. The modern bicycle We will leave the story of the origin of the modern […]

  • Cycle Confident’s Christmas Crossword

    This week’s blog is a Christmas Special! If you’re feeling like you see the same old Christmas festivities every year, then gather round for our Christmas Cycling Crossword! Pre-heat room to 15-20 degrees Celcius, blend equal measures of Christmas and cycling, bake in well oiled brain and have a Merry Christmas! You can also click here […]

  • Give the gift of wheel building knowledge

    Need a Christmas present idea that’s perfect for the bike enthusiast who seems to have it all already? Look no further. Our Demystify Wheel Building course is the perfect gift! Taking City & Guilds standards and our teaching experience, we’ve developed this 2 day course to take students from minimal prior knowledge to being able […]

  • Some inspirational thoughts on winter cycling commutes

    Let’s face it, going outside in the winter is rarely an exciting prospect unless you’re making a snow angel. Some of you may already be reaping the benefits of commuting by cycling. Here are some thoughts to keep you going during the bleakest months. No one is sneezing on the back of your neck Unless […]

  • RCA (Random Cycling Acronyms)

    Let’s use an adage to justify this blog: you don’t know what you don’t know. The cycling universe is huge and there’s lots for each of us to discover. So how many of these RCA’s do you know or can you work out? Let’s face it. These days there’s precious little you can’t get an […]

  • What to do if you want to ride your bike but can’t

    Some days we just can’t ride our bikes. Maybe it’s an injury, maybe the roads are icy, your bike’s in need of repair or you are just resting for a big ride the next day. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of cycling related pastimes to keep you entertained. Doodle-a-bike Doodling is not reserved for […]

  • How to love riding in the rain

    We can debate all day whether or not we get more rain in the UK and the whole business of pessimism. Raindrops will fall, we will ride our bikes but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the two together. There are many ways to make riding in the rain more enjoyable. Mudguards They just make […]

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