Beginner’s Blog 1: Common questions from beginner cyclists

The next few blogs we’ll be posting relate to new cyclists – So let’s kick off with some key FAQs.

If you’ve just taken up cycling (and hats off to you if you have – it is January after all), then you might be facing numerous  considerations. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What type of bike should I get?Crowd bike

The answer depends on where and how much you intend to ride. There’s no point getting a mountain bike or BMX bike if you want to start commuting to work by bike on the roads. Similarly, it’s no good getting a road bike with skinny tyres if you also intend to use it for countryside escapes on trails where the surface can get muddy or gravelly.

How much should I spend on the bike?

Again, the answer depends on how much you are going to be riding. However, even if you are not going to be using it a lot, it’s inadvisable to aim for the cheapest bike your money can buy. Invest a little more and you’ll enjoy it more (and consequently use it more). But for under £350, you’ll get a good, reliable bike and that means the ride quality should be comfortable and the components shouldn’t wear out after a few rides. Second hand bikes will usually deliver great value for money; check out our blog for advice.

Do I need to wear lycra?

Absolutely not, plenty of cyclists don’t. Lycra is comfortable if the rides are longer and when the weather is hotter. But cycling in your civvies means you can hop on and off the bike with minimum fuss (and if you commute by bike, you don’t have to change before you get to your desk).

kryptoniteA cheap cable lock will do, right?

This is an area where it’s worth spending a little, but of course the cost of the lock should be proportional to the cost of the bike. Look for the label certifying locks that are Bronze, Silver or Gold standard and read our blog about how to beat the bike thieves.

How and where can I learn to ride?

With us of course! We are London based and work with selected boroughs who sponsors cycle training for those who live, work or study in the borough so that the training is FREE to you! There are other training providers around the country too to give you expert help to get you pedalling.

Is it not dangerous to ride on the road?

There are risks associated with everything we do and of course this includes every form of transportation from walking, cycling, driving to travelling on a plane. The National Standard for cycling we teach at our cycle training is intended to help cyclists to cycle more safely. There is training that’s geared to complete beginners as well as experienced cyclists. And of course, there are plenty of on-road routes that avoid busy junctions and bus lanes. If you’re willing to go slightly out of your way, you can pretty much get anywhere by bike in London, without needing to share space with HGVs and hurrying taxis. Again, our instructors can help with advice on quiet ways and route planning. You don’t know what you don’t know so when in doubt, get expert help!

Can we go on a bike ride together?

The answer is always yes. The question should be where you should go for a bike ride. Having a cycling buddy will be really appreciated by beginner cyclists. Experienced cyclists can usually learn something along the way too by helping beginners.

What if I am too slow?Penny Farthing Racing

Not all beginner cyclists are slow but we were all beginners once so if in a group, the slowest should be given due consideration. If you are walking and your friend has a foot injury, you’re not going to leave them behind, right? Always be aware of your surroundings and where your friends are during the ride to ensure you are not split up.

Am I asking too many questions?

You probably are but that’s how you learn from scratch. No one has all the answers to every cycling related question (though we’re doing our best!) so we should keep asking questions and keep helping each other.








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