Author: dshowell

  • Creating Modal Shift in Cycling Behaviour

    Cycle Confident believes cycle skills training, reduced speeds, pedestrianised streets, reduced car parking & increased bicycle paths & racks increases footfall with local retailers as cyclists and walkers shop where they live, leaving the car at home.

  • Does Cycle Skills Training Influence a Modal Shift in London’s Boroughs?

    As London Councils are challenged to further increase higher rates of cycling in their boroughs, their efforts are supported by initiatives from London’s central government. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan and the GLA, in an effort to reduce pressure on roads and public transport has set a target to reduce car journeys by 3 million per…

  • The new battle for funding: How to win your share

    George Osborne’s promise at the end of last year to stick with the government’s £300 million commitment to cycling will have been a huge relief to training managers, safety campaigners and environmentalists across the UK. But how should local authority road safety officers and transport managers view the news? Well, the Chancellor’s Spending Review pledge…

  • Could 2016 be the ‘Year of the bike’?

    What do we want out of 2016? How about getting fitter, saving money, spending less time stuck in traffic jams and reducing our carbon footprint? With cycling, it’s all possible … you could call it the grand slam of New Year’s resolutions! 
But what’s stopping thousands of people from leaving their homes on a shiny…