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  • How many ways can you save time and money by cycling?

    It may be stating the obvious but using a bike as your means of transport really can give your finances a boost. What’s perhaps less obvious, but actually no less accurate, is how much time you can save too. Save money on transport Cycling is by far the most efficient way to get around for […]

  • Are London cyclists really six times healthier?

    A recent press release from Brunel University contained the startling claim that London cyclists are 6 times healthier than those who use other means of transport for their commute. Unsurprisingly such an eye-catching claim generated plenty of press coverage as the story was picked up by the Evening Standard among others. The most obvious question […]

  • The new battle for funding: How to win your share

    George Osborne’s promise at the end of last year to stick with the government’s £300 million commitment to cycling will have been a huge relief to training managers, safety campaigners and environmentalists across the UK. But how should local authority road safety officers and transport managers view the news? Well, the Chancellor’s Spending Review pledge […]

  • Could 2016 be the ‘Year of the bike’?

    What do we want out of 2016? How about getting fitter, saving money, spending less time stuck in traffic jams and reducing our carbon footprint? With cycling, it’s all possible … you could call it the grand slam of New Year’s resolutions! 
But what’s stopping thousands of people from leaving their homes on a shiny […]