Month: March 2016

  • Thinking of becoming a cycling instructor?

    Some observations from a Cycle Confident instructor… “I really think this will be life-changing for me” This comment was the verdict of a trainee at the end of a recent 1-2-1 cycling lesson. During the session we had planned and ridden her commute, a journey she had, until then, made by public transport. Cycle training […]

  • The Cycle Confident tent is coming to Cycle Revolution at the Design Museum

    Some inventions change the course of society, the internet perhaps being the most obvious these days. But right up there with the best of them would have to be the humble bicycle. Invented by Karl Drais in 1817, the basic form of the bicycle has remained more or less unchanged since the addition of pneumatic […]

  • Are London cyclists really six times healthier?

    A recent press release from Brunel University contained the startling claim that London cyclists are 6 times healthier than those who use other means of transport for their commute. Unsurprisingly such an eye-catching claim generated plenty of press coverage as the story was picked up by the Evening Standard among others. The most obvious question […]